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Preparation of Promotion and Tenure/ESS Packets

Preparation of Promotion and Tenure/ESS Packets - Academic Staff

Submit one (1) original and eleven (11) copies of your binder (only original & 5 copies required for divisional review). Materials should be provided in the order shown below. Please use numbered dividers for each section.

1a. Index of Binder Contents
1b. Cover Sheet
2. Promotion Factors
3a. Recommendation by director
3b .Recommendation by unit committee where applicable
4. Personal Statement by candidate (strongly recommended)
5a. WSU Professional Record (signed and dated)
5b. Job Description (where available)
5c. Department Organization Chart (optional but recommended)
6. Copies of past evaluations by director
7. Copies of evaluations by unit committee (where applicable)
8. List of evaluators (minimum of 4)
9. Brief biographies of evaluators, alpha by surname
10. Letters addressed to evaluators from director
11. Letters from evaluators, in same order as biographies
12. Supporting information
a. Index of material in this section
b. Departmental activities 
c. Service to community
d. Professional Presentations
e. Committees
f. Research, Publication, and Media efforts 
g. Honors/Awards h. Scholarly Activities

Legacy link, please ignore:  www.aaupaft.org/sites/default/files/ESS_BinderContents.pdf