Academic Staff Steering COMMITTEE

The purpose of the Academic Staff Steering Committee (ASSC) is to promote the interests of higher education and to advance standards, ideals and welfare of the academic staff of Wayne State University (see bylaws page).

All Academic Staff who are members of the AAUP-AFT at Wayne State University are members of the ASSC. The leadership of the ASSC is elected annually by the academic staff who are members of the AAUP-AFT. The 2018-2019 ASSC leaders are:

    • Chair: Marisa Henderson
    • Co-Chair: Jozyane Hayek
    • Secretary: Antoinette Cunningham
    • Members-at-Large: Paul Bishop and Shawntae Harris Mintline

The Academic Staff Steering Committee hosts a terrific series of luncheon meetings about topics like ESS, Promotion, Annual Reviews, Professional Records, and service opportunities. Through these luncheons, the ASSC has developed documents to better assist academic staff and their units.

Academic Staff Mentoring Committee

For information about becoming a mentor or becoming a mentee, please get in touch with the chair of the Mentoring Committee, Naida Simon at

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