Article I: Recognition and Description of Unit

A. Collective-Bargaining Agent

Wayne State University recognizes the Wayne State University Chapter of the American Association of University Professors-American Federation of Teachers, Local 6075 (hereinafter “Association”) as the sole collective-bargaining agent for the purpose of bargaining with the University with respect to wages, hours, and other conditions of employment for Wayne State University faculty and academic staff within the bargaining unit.

B. Represented Employees

Wayne State University employees in one (1) or more of the following classifications, other than excluded employees, are included in the bargaining unit.

1. All teaching faculty employed at one-half fractional time or more as lecturer, senior lecturer, instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, professor, faculty (clinical), and faculty (research); and

2. All academic staff employed at one-half time or more in the following non-supervisory classifications and sub classifications thereof: academic advisor, academic services officer, athletic coach and athletic trainer except those in Division I sports or in sports designated by the University to become Division I within two (2) years after notice to AAUP-AFT, extension program coordinator, financial aids officer, health physicist, archivist, librarian, university counselor assistant, university counselor, and academic staff (renewal contract).

C. Excluded Employees

A University employee who falls within one (1) of the classifications set forth in Section B, above, is nevertheless an excluded employee if s/he falls within one (1) or more of the following classifications:

1. President, provost, senior vice president, chief of staff, vice president, deputy provost, associate provost, or other executive officers of the University;

2. Dean, deputy dean, associate dean, or assistant dean;

3. Department chair or associate department chair in the Schools/Colleges of Liberal Arts and Sciences; Fine, Performing, and Communication Arts; Engineering; Medicine; Business Administration; and Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

4. University Admissions Officer and Registrar;

5. Director, associate director, or assistant director having supervisory responsibilities with respect to members of the bargaining unit;

6. Adjunct faculty*, clinical faculty*, full-time affiliated faculty*, or visiting faculty (if visiting for no more than two [2] years);

7. Research assistant, research associate, or research scientist;

8. Former University president, unless that individual, within six (6) months of leaving the office of president, has filed with the Association and the University Administration a written election to be included within the bargaining unit;

9. All other University employees having supervisory responsibilities with respect to members of the bargaining unit.

All other University employees not expressly included in the bargaining unit by virtue of paragraph B above are also excluded from the bargaining unit.

*Non-salaried classifications

D. Unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the term “faculty” shall mean members of the faculty who are members of the bargaining unit, and the term “academic staff” shall mean members of the academic staff who are members of the bargaining unit.