Article IX: No Strike/No Lockout

The Association agrees that, during the life of this Agreement and any extensions thereof, neither its officers nor its representatives will for any reason, directly or indirectly, call or sanction a strike, walkout, slow-down, sit-down, stay-away, or any other form of interference which materially affects the operation of the University.

In the event that any member or members of the bargaining unit represented by the Association engage in any of the above activities, the President of the Association or a representative thereof shall, upon request from the appropriate University official, immediately notify the involved member(s) of the inappropriate nature of the activity and direct them to cease the activity and to resume their regular duties. The University reserves the right to take appropriate action where Association activities result in interference with any operation of the University.

The University agrees that during the term of this Agreement or any extensions thereof, it will not lock out any bargaining-unit members covered by this Agreement.