Article V: Association Privileges

A. University Facilities and Services

1. The Association shall be permitted reasonable use of existing bulletin boards for the publication of notices pertaining to the conduct of Association affairs.

2. The Association shall be afforded the privilege of scheduling periodic meetings on campus, providing appropriate facilities are available. Requests for such space must follow regular University procedures.

3. The Association shall be afforded reasonable use of University campus mail services (including pick-up and delivery services) and auxiliary services and materials such as address labels/label affixing, material folding/insertion, envelopes, etc.

4. The Association shall be afforded the privilege of contracting for University duplicating, printing, audio-visual, photographic, computer, and food services, and such other services as may be contracted for by other campus organizations.

5. Any charges regularly assessed campus organizations for the use of any University services or facilities shall be levied against the Association when it uses such services or facilities.

6. In the event a problem arises concerning the appropriate use of University services or facilities, either the Association or the University may call for an immediate conference which shall be held between representatives of the University and the Association in an effort to reconcile the matter.

7. The Association shall be granted an e-mail account for which charges will be assessed at the standard rate for external users. The e-mail account will be used only for communication with members of the bargaining unit and such other users as the University may authorize in writing. The Association shall exercise due diligence in protecting the privacy rights of all individuals. Those regulations established from time to time by the University for the use of e-mail by other users shall also apply to the Association.

B. Information and Data

1. The University agrees to furnish to the Association in response to reasonable requests from time to time available information necessary for the Association to prepare for collective bargaining and to implement this Agreement. The Association shall promptly receive appropriate memoranda involving contract-implementation policy and procedures having University-wide application.

2. It is understood that the University’s willingness to comply with reasonable requests for information and data shall not be construed to require the University to compile information and statistics in the form requested if not already compiled in that form, unless mutually agreeable. The Association will exercise due diligence in protecting the privacy rights of individuals.

3. The Association shall receive all public Board of Governors documents, including agendas (in advance of the meetings), and minutes of all public meetings.

4. Upon request, the University agrees to furnish the Association one (1) complimentary copy of all College and Division catalogs and schedules of classes and twenty-five (25) complimentary copies of any future editions of the Wayne State Faculty and Academic-Staff Information Bulletin that may be published.

5. There shall be an Association representative on any University Parking Committee.

6. There shall be an Association representative on the President’s Council on Non-Discrimination/Affirmative Action.

7. Upon request, the University shall provide the Association its reasons for appointing any person to the lecturer, senior lecturer, or renewal contract classifications.

C. Telephones

The Association may install a 577-telephone extension for which the Association agrees to pay the installation and monthly charges. The University agrees to list the Association office in the Wayne State University Faculty and Staff Directory and, upon request, will furnish twenty-five (25) complimentary copies of the Faculty and Staff Directory to the Association.

D. Parking

The Association may receive eight (8) master parking gate cards (for the regularly assessed fee), which the Association agrees will be used for official Association business only.

E. Printing of Agreement

Copies of this Agreement will be printed at the expense of the University and shall be provided for each member of the bargaining unit as soon as possible after ratification of the Agreement. In addition, the Association will receive two hundred (200) printed copies of the Agreement for its use. Prior to printing the Agreement, the Association and the Administration will review the typeset, layout, design and font selection to assure accuracy and attractiveness.

F. Released Time

The University will provide for released time for the Association President, the Grievance Coordinators, the Contract-Implementation Officers, and the Chief Negotiator.

If the Grievance Coordinators and the Contract-Implementation Officers are members of the faculty, they will be given a one-course reduction in their teaching duties per term; and if they are members of the academic staff, they will be released from their regular University duties for a period not to exceed two hundred (200) hours per term.

If the Association President is a member of the faculty, s/he will be released from fifty percent (50%) of the standard teaching load in the unit to which s/he is assigned; and if s/he is a member of the academic staff, s/he shall receive fifty percent (50%) released time from his/her regular University duties.

If the Chief Negotiator is a member of the faculty, s/he will be given a one-course reduction from normal teaching load for one (1) term that can be taken during, immediately prior to, or immediately following the negotiations; and if s/he is a member of the academic staff, s/he will be released from regular University duties for a period not to exceed two hundred (200) hours during the negotiations.

In order to allow the units to make suitable arrangements, the Association will notify the University as soon as possible but at least ninety (90) days prior to the date of the commencement of the released time.

G. Association Staff Medical Insurance

Five (5) employees of the Association shall be eligible to participate in the medical insurance program of the University (including eligibility to the Retirees’ Program of Medical Insurance) without University subsidy.