Article XVI: Administration of Agreement

A. Scheduling of Duties

The Association and the University Administration share responsibility to insure no loss of scheduled teaching duties or other professional academic assignments in carrying out their responsibilities associated with the implementation of this Agreement, except as permitted in Section B of this Article and Section F of Article V. Upon written request, the University Administration shall endeavor to reschedule the regular duties of Association-appointed representatives for reasonable periods of time for the administration of this Agreement.

B. Scheduling of Meetings

Every effort shall be made to schedule negotiation sessions and other necessary Association-University Administration meetings in such a way as to eliminate the loss of scheduled class time, to minimize adjustments of academic-staff duty time, and also to limit the number of persons engaged in scheduled sessions or meetings.

C. No Additional Payments for Services

It is understood that no additional payments to any member(s) of the Association shall be made for time devoted to the handling of scheduled grievance sessions or contract negotiation meetings.