Article XXV: Personnel Files

All personnel records concerning an individual member of the bargaining unit submitted prior to employment shall be placed in a confidential pre-employment file. If the pre-employment file is consulted in a tenure or promotion decision, the individual shall be so notified.

A post-employment file (containing material dated January 1, 1975, and thereafter) will be maintained for each bargaining-unit member within the department or School/College as appropriate. This file shall contain either originals or copies of any and all materials (except for those materials which are readily accessible and outside letters as described below) used by the unit in tenure and promotion or disciplinary proceedings. Each unit shall inform bargaining-unit members at least annually of the need to review and update their files prior to initiation of the review by unit committees (or the appropriate administrative officer in units where there are no committees) for the purpose of consideration for tenure, promotion, and/or selective-salary recommendations. Individual bargaining-unit members shall have access to all materials placed in their post-employment file. The President or his/her designee must comply with a request for such access within five (5) working days. Letters of evaluation and recommendation concerning a bargaining-unit member shall be abstracted to protect the anonymity of the authors. Individuals and University Administrators may add to their files any materials they consider appropriate.

By mutual agreement of the bargaining-unit member and the appropriate administrator, materials which were placed in the post-employment file seven (7) or more years before may be removed. In the event of disagreement, the bargaining-unit member may appeal to the President or his/her designee for a final decision. Individuals may request that duplicates of any materials in the file be made at the individual’s own expense.

The author or preparer of all materials placed in the personnel file shall be identified.