Article XXXIII: Transfers Between Bargaining Units

A member of this bargaining unit who resigns to accept a position in another bargaining unit within the University whose contract contains a similar provision is eligible for transfer back into this bargaining unit, either to his/her previous position if available, or to his/her previous classification if a suitable vacancy exists. Beginning on the first (1st) date of service in the other bargaining unit, the period of eligibility for transfer back to this bargaining unit is six (6) months for non-tenured bargaining-unit members and those not holding employment security status and one (1) year for bargaining-unit members holding tenure or employment security status. However, the period of eligibility shall not extend beyond the termination date of the last appointment in this bargaining unit of a bargaining-unit member on term appointment. If his/her previous position is no longer available, and no suitable vacancy exists in his/her previous classification, the bargaining-unit member may exercise his/her rights under Article X.

A transfer between bargaining units whose contracts contain a similar provision shall not interrupt University service. A bargaining-unit member who returns to this bargaining unit shall be credited with one-half (1/2) the service (seniority) s/he accumulated in the position to which such employee was transferred.

The bargaining-unit member’s termination date following return to this bargaining unit shall be no earlier than the termination date of the member’s last appointment in this bargaining unit. Longer appointments may be established when mutually agreeable.