Article XXXV: Affirmative Action

Wayne State University and the Association recognize a moral and educational responsibility to ensure that realistic and appropriate goals are established, periodically reviewed, revised, and pursued with respect to: (1) fair employment practices in all personnel matters; and (2) the alteration of the composition of the University faculty and academic staff to effect a better proportion of minority persons and females, consonant with the particular needs of Wayne State University.

In forming committees, the University shall strive for committee membership that is broadly representative with respect to discipline and affirmative action considerations.

It is agreed that whenever committees are selected that are to represent the faculty and/or academic staff, either under this Agreement or under other regulations of the University, and the members selected do not include female representation or representatives of under-represented minorities, the President or his/her designee or the Association may request a reconsideration of the composition of the committee by the selecting body(ies).

The Association and the Administration both recognize the extraordinary demands placed on women and minority bargaining-unit members as mentors to students and as representatives to various University, School/College and unit committees. In order that such service does not adversely affect the careers of women and minority bargaining-unit members, the University agrees to establish the following competitive grant program.

The University shall make available a pool of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) each year for the purpose of allowing released-time from teaching for minority faculty bargaining-unit members and women faculty bargaining-unit members in units where females have been traditionally under-represented. Untenured, tenure-track women faculty from such units and minority faculty bargaining-unit members will be eligible to compete in this program under guidelines established by the President or his/her designee. Any unexpended balances of funds for this program will be carried over to the next year.