The intents and purposes of this Agreement are to improve the quality and effectiveness of education at Wayne State University by promoting the highest standards of academic excellence in all phases of instruction and professional service at the University. The parties hereto concur that these objectives can be materially achieved by means of amicable adjustment of matters of mutual interest.

It is recognized by the parties that mutual benefits are to be derived from continual improvement in the position of the University as an institution of higher learning. It is further recognized that the roles and responsibilities of the University Administration and the teaching faculty and academic staff are interdependent in the determination and implementation of educational policy and objectives. Both parties agree that appropriate and effective involvement of the faculty and academic staff in the development of University employment policies for the bargaining unit is a major objective of this Agreement and of the University Administration and of the Association.

To the extent that these objectives are recognized, it is understood that this entire Agreement shall be interpreted in each and every clause to achieve these goals.