02/08/19: School of Medicine Search Committee

To the Bargaining Unit Members of the School of Medicine:

The President of the University, Dr. M. Roy Wilson, has decided to consolidate the office of the Vice President for Health Affairs and the Dean of the School of Medicine into one position. It has been announced that nominations (by oneself or by others) must made by February 14, 2019, less than one week from today. There will be a subsequent election, the first round of which is to be completed by February 21, 2019, one week later

The unseemly haste that this election is being conducted has been noted by the Union. We are not filing a Grievance on this. We would, however, caution that the election must be carried out so that a majority vote on the membership of the committee can be obtained by those finally elected to the search committee. This will likely involve runoff elections among highest vote-getters, until all those elected achieve a majority of the votes.

As President of the Union, I urge that you consider carefully whether or not you should offer yourself as a candidate for the committee or should nominate someone from among your colleagues whom you think would represent the interests of the School and the University best. This is one of the most important committees in the history of the School.

The President has indicated that he intends to appoint co-chairs of the committee. One is to be Vice President Steven Lanier and the other, yet to be named, will represent the Henry Ford Health System (HFHS). It is unprecedented to have someone who is not a member of the University to co-chair a search committee for an academic administrator.

The President may appoint as members of the search committee, N+1 or six members. Among his six appointments, he can name N-1, or four members from an “affiliate medical organization.” He has already stated his intention to use one of these appointments to name a co-chair from HFHS.

Under the CBA, the total number of members of the committee is to be twelve, five elected by the School’s bargaining unit; six named by the President and one student “selected by the School of Medicine Student Council.”

In solidarity,

Charlie Parrish


Charles J. ParrishPresident, AAUP-AFT, Local 6075, WSU ChapterVice President-at-Large, AFT MichiganPresident, AAUP Michigan ConferenceMember-at-Large, National Council, AAUP5057 Woodward Avenue, Suite 3301Detroit, MI 48202313-577-1750