03/15/18 Annual selective salary process

The WSU Administration has contracted for a new electronic method (Faculty 180) for the presentation of annual reports of personnel activities in relation to the selective salary process. As yet it seems that the only attempt to implement it is taking place in the School of Medicine (SOM). Many problems have emerged during the attempt to implement the new method. Faculty members who have tried to comply with order reported that once their CV was uploaded onto the electronic format, there were numerous errors and omissions. Trying to correct them is very cumbersome, tedious and long, amounting to hours of work in most cases.

The Union believes that Vice Dean Virginia Delaney-Black, who issued the order to comply with the new rules, is making an unreasonable demand on the bargaining unit members in the SOM. We have not heard of this order being applied in other WSU Schools and Colleges. Because of this unreasonable demand on bargaining unit members, the Union has filed an Unfair Labor Practice and a grievance in this matter. (See files attached to this page) We are asking that the SOM Administration withdraw this order and engage in bargaining with the Union over its details and the timing of its implementation.

We are not asking our bargaining unit members to disobey a direct order, but we are asking that anyone who has encountered problems, including time constraints, in complying with the order to send a message to the chair of their department reporting on the difficulties encountered and asking for permission to submit the salary review materials in the same form as in previous years (a 3-year summary of activities, a summary of teaching evaluations and an updated CV.) This is a reasonable request as it is what is being done across the campus outside of the SOM and what has been the practice in the past there. If anyone is punished in any way for following our advice in this matter, the Union will come to her/his defense.

It is our hope that cooler and less authoritarian heads in the SOM Administration will prevail in this matter and that we can enter into negotiations over it.

--Charles J. ParrishProfessor, Political SciencePresident, WSU AAUP-AFT Local 6075Vice President At-Large, AFT MichiganPresident, AAUP Michigan5057 Woodward Ave., Suite 3301Wayne State UniversityDetroit, MI 48202(313) 577-8160 (Office)