Officers & Staff

According to our bylaws, the union has a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, two Board Members elected at-large, for two-year terms. These officers, together with the Immediate Past President of the union, the Grievance Coordinators, the Contract Implementation Officers, the Information Coordinator, and the Chairperson of the Council, shall be voting members of the Executive Board. The Grievance Coordinators, Contract Implementation Officers, and Information Coordinator are selected by the Executive Board annually.

The Executive Board acts as the elected voice of the Membership, enforcing the contract, authorizing expenditures, and establishing committees to help address the needs of our bargaining unit. The Executive Board encourages all members to be involved in our local at many different levels of activism and decision-making. For more information about how you can be involved, please contact our office, 313-577-1750.

AAUP-AFT Local 6075 Officers

    • President: Danielle Aubert

    • Vice-President: Deborah Ellis

    • Secretary: Rachael Clark

    • Treasurer: Eric Kessell (through 6/20/24)

    • Member-at-Large: Simone Brennan

    • Member-at-Large: Linda Beale

    • Member-at-Large: Anglesia Brown (through 6/30/24)

    • Member-at-Large: David Goldberg (through 6/30/23)

Contract Implementation Officers

Grievance Coordinators

Other Executive Board Members

    • Academic Staff Liaison: Helen Wilson

    • ASSC Chair: Mershawn Gayden

    • Council Reps Chair: Jenni Sheridan Moss

    • Information Officer: Hayg Oshagan

    • Faculty of Teaching Cmte Chair: Sean Hickey

    • PAC Coordinator: Dan Golodner

    • Immediate Past President: Charles Parrish