Article II: Personnel Classification

A. Information on Classification

The Association shall be provided information each term on the current classification of persons in the bargaining unit. The Association shall also be provided, upon request, but no more than once a term, a list of the persons in the following excluded classifications who are on the active payroll at that time:

1. academic directors, academic associate directors, academic assistant directors;

2. research associates;

3. research assistants;

4. all administrative assistants;

5. part-time faculty; and

6. part-time academic staff

The Administration shall provide the Association in an effective manner, at least monthly, with information about individuals who were added to or deleted from the bargaining unit during the previous month and it shall forward promptly to the Association copies of all letters of non-renewal for members of the bargaining unit.

B. New Classification Titles

It is the policy of the University not to reduce the bargaining unit by arbitrary change in classification titles nor to do so by creation of new classifications. The University agrees that if the functions of existing classifications are arbitrarily changed so that a classification is taken out of or put into the bargaining unit, or if new classifications are established covering comparable work as now being performed by any of the classifications in this Agreement, the University will notify the Association, and meet upon request of the Association, to discuss whether such new or changed classification should become part of the bargaining unit covered by this Agreement.

In the event of a dispute over the inclusion of a new or changed classification into the bargaining unit, or exclusion of a new or changed classification from the bargaining unit, a grievance may be filed under the Grievance Procedure contained in this Agreement.

C. Disputed Classification

A grievance concerning the University’s classification of an individual may be filed by the Association under the Grievance Procedure contained in this Agreement, but this provision shall not apply to questions of promotion or tenure.