Article XXXIV: Spring-Summer Term

A. Spring-Summer Within-Load Assignments

1. New and Renewal Contracts

In Schools/Colleges with full-time academic programs that are structured to include required coursework that is offered only during spring-summer semester as part of the core curriculum, mandatory spring-summer within-load assignments may be made for the period April 1 through December 31 or January 1 to August 30 to faculty members with nine-month appointments. In such circumstances, beginning September 1, 2002, the University may offer to new faculty appointees and their subsequent renewal contracts, appointments providing spring-summer and an alternate fall or winter semester teaching assignment as a mandatory condition of appointment or reappointment.

2. Continuing Contracts

Mandatory spring-summer within-load assignments may also be made for the period April 1 through December 31 for bargaining-unit members on nine-month appointments who are in units with substantial enrollment difficulties which could be alleviated by such assignments. An attempt will be made to secure volunteers for such assignments. If the number of faculty who volunteer is insufficient, the University will proceed as specified below.

a. Prior to mandatory assignments a committee shall be established which has one-half membership appointed under the provisions of Article XXX. At least one-half (1/2) of the slate submitted under Article XXX shall be from the affected unit. The President or his/her designee shall appoint the remaining members. The University Administration, after consultation with the unit head, shall present to this committee by April 1 a plan for within-load spring-summer assignments and its justification. The committee shall respond by May 20. If the committee approves the University-proposed plan, the University shall act in accordance with the procedures specified below. If the committee does not approve the University-proposed plan, it shall present an alternative plan. If the committee plan is not acceptable to the University, the matter shall be referred to a single arbitrator selected in accordance with the procedures specified in Article XVII, Step Two. The arbitrator shall choose either the position of the University Administration or the position of the committee without modification. The University Administration shall implement the plan chosen by the arbitrator. If circumstances warrant, the University Administration may implement a less extensive plan.

b. Consultation with bargaining-unit members being considered for spring-summer within-load assignments must commence before May 1 preceding the academic year in which the assignment is to occur and written notice of such assignment is to be given before May 31.

c. A bargaining-unit member on a spring-summer within-load assignment will be notified before May 31 if the assignment is to continue for the following academic year.

d. By mutual agreement of the bargaining-unit member and the University the above time limits may be waived.

e. If the bargaining-unit member considers such an assignment to be contrary to his/her responsibilities, s/he may request a review of the assignment under Article XXIV.

B. Spring-Summer Additional Service Compensation Rates

The rates of compensation as percentages of the nine-month salary per course credit hour (or equivalent) for regular faculty who teach during the spring-summer term shall not be less than three percent (3.0%).

Any retroactive salary adjustments to the nine-month salary base must be reflected in the spring-summer additional service compensation rate.