If the matter is unresolved by discussing it informally, the Union may submit the grievance, in writing, within 60 working days following the time at which the grievant could have reasonably been aware of the occurrence. That means that we basically have 60 working days from the time when you were are that the grievance occurred in order to file a grievance letter.

Filing this first grievance letter is called Step One.

Within 14 working days of receiving this grievance letter, the Administration will arrange a meeting between the grievant, the Union, and the Administration. Within 14 working days of the meeting, the Administration will send a written answer to the grievance.

At this point, the Union would have 21 working days to file an appeal. If the Union does not appeal the written answer, the matter is considered settled.

This appeal letter is considered Step Two. If the Union intends to proceed to Step 2, we must do so within 21 working days of the receipt of the Step One response. In our union, Step Two is arbitration.

Unless there are extenuating circumstances, the arbitration hearing will take place within 90 days of the request.

Do not wait to contact the Union about a potential grievance. You can always call and ask us a question. Contacting the Union does not necessarily mean that you are locked in to any particular course of action. It might just mean that you get some information so that you can make an informed decision.